Xantrex 240ah 12v Lithium Battery

Xantrex 240ah 12v Lithium Battery

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Xantrex Lithium Ion Battery 240AH, 12V

Model: 883-0240-12
  • Internal BMS - Reduces footprint
  • Cell Balancing - extends lifetime of battery
  • LED's to Monitor State of Charge
  • Optional Remote Panel - view status of battery, turn battery on and off
  • Bluetooth - connect to the Xantrex mobile app to view status of battery
  • Parallel Stack up to 4 batteries

Xantrex manufactures a variety of lithium ion batteries for mobile applications including marine, RV, truck and specialty vehicles.

Many RV manufacturers, boat builders and specialty vehicle manufacturers exclusively use Xantrex batteries and other solutions for their power needs.

The Xantrex Lithium Ion Iron Phosphate (LiFePO ) battery uses UL1973 certified cells. Equipped with redundant safety features, the Xantrex lithium battery is the safest in the market today. Specifically designed to withstand the harsh operating environments of mobile and marine applications, the Xantrex lithium battery lasts up to 6,000 cycles compared to a traditional lead acid or AGM battery, which typically lasts 400-500 cycles. The Xantrex lithium battery offers exceptional power density and is also available with a heating blanket option if installation is outside the main cabin. With the Bluetooth connection enabled gathering real time data from the battery is incredibly simple and always accurate.

Battery Voltage 12V
Nominal True Capacity 240Ah
Nominal Voltage 12.8 Volts
Nominal Watt Hours 3072Wh
Internal Impedence <4m Ohms
Charge Voltage 14.6V
Recommended Float Charge Voltage 13.6V
Recommended Charge Current ≤100A
Max Continuous Discharge Current 150A
Pulse Discharge Current 300A (3s)
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 10V
Cycle Life to 80% Health 2800 (0.5C, 25°C, 100% Depth of Discharge) - increased cycle life with ideal conditions
Charging Temperature Range 32 - 131°F (0 - 55°C)
Discharging Temperature Range -4 - 131°F (-20 - 55°C)
Storage Period 1 Week -4 - 113°F (-20 - 45°C)
Storage Period 1 Month 14 - 113°F (-10 - 45°C)
Storage Period 6 Months 50 - 77°F (10 - 25°C)
Dimensions 19.7in x 7.1in x 10.3in (500mm x 180mm x 260mm)
Weight 69.4lbs (31.5kg)
Battery Terminals M8 x 1.25
Carrying Capability Two metal handles
Moutning Orientation Standing

What's in the Box:
  • Xantex Battery
  • Quickstart guide
  • 2x Bolt M8 x 1.25cm
  • 2x Lock Washer
  • 2x captive washer