Th Marine Atlas Micro 4"" Jack Plate Hydraulic Polished

Th Marine Atlas Micro 4"" Jack Plate Hydraulic Polished

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TH Marine Atlas Micro 4"" Jack

Model: AHJM-4-DP


For Small Outboards - Max Weight 425 lbs / Max Horsepower 115 HP

Great For Shallow Water Boats — Gheenoes River Runners — Jon Boats - Skiffs

Get Out of Trouble Fast — Lifts in 8 Seconds Lightweight — Only 23 Pounds Fish "Skinny Water" With Confidence Self Contained Hydraulics Maximum outboard dry weight: 425 pounds Maximum outboard horsepower: 115 HP* Only Four (4) Inch Setback Clamp-On Motor Adapter Available (optional) Small Footprint — Only 14-5/8" Wide and 11-1/2" High

Clamp-On Motor Adapter (part # AHJM-CMA-DP) allows you to mount smaller engines with clamp-on brackets to the ATLAS Micro Jacker, since they do not mount with bolts on the standard BIA engine hole pattern.

With the Micro Jacker in place, you will have about 8.5" to work with in height. This includes 1.5" of adjustment at the transom, another 1.0" on the motor side, 1.0"" of adjustment with the motor, and 5"" of hydraulic lift with the Micro Jacker itself.

Product Number AHJM-4-DP
Description Atlas Micro Jacker