Sitex T760 7"" Color Radar With 4kw 18"" Dome 10m Cable

Sitex T760 7"" Color Radar With 4kw 18"" Dome 10m Cable

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  • 7 inch color wide LCD display with TOUCH screen
  • Hi-performance 4kW 1.5ft ( T-760 24NM)/2ft (T-761 48NM) radome scanner
  • Easy operation with TOUCH and rotary encoder dial
  • 50 Target AIS Tracking - Standard
  • 10 Target MARPA - Standard
  • Multi-Speed Antenna Rotation
  • Optional Color RGB video output
Model Frequency Output Poweer Type Scanner Size Rotation Speed Beam Power
T-760 X-band 9410 MHHz 4kW Radome 450mm 16/48 rpm h: 5.2° v: 25° DC12/24v -10/+30% aprox 50w
T-761 620mm h:4.0°, v: 25°


Radar Performance T-760 T-761
Maximum detection range 24NM 48NM
Range Scale .0625 - 24nm .0625 - 48NM
Range Resolution Less than 30m
Minimum detection range Less than 40m
Bearing accuracy Less than 1 degree


Screen Size 7" wide 800x480 pixel
Radar diameter 90mm or more
Anti Sea/Rain Clutter Auto/Manual
Trail indication off, 15s, 30s, 1min, 2min, 3min, 6min, 10min,15min, 30min Contiuous
Offcentering 2/3 radius of PPI

Target tracking and AIS Function

Acquisition Mode Auto/manual ( Auto New Target)
ATA Trackign Target Capacity 10 Targets
Acquisition and trackign range 20nm
Vector Model and Length True/Relative Vector, adjustable from 1 to 60min
Guard Zone 1 zone
Target Data True Bearing, Range, True Course, True Speed, CPA, TCPA
Alarms CPA/TCPA, New Target, Lost System
Ais Target capacity 50 targets