Raritan Est12 Electroscan Type 1 Msd

Raritan Est12 Electroscan Type 1 Msd

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Electro Scan consistently controls the electrodes to reduce power consumption by up to 36%. New LCD display provides detailed information.

Control system designed to maximize performance

  • Electrode amps are controlled by the system for optimum performance and reduced current draw
  • An LCD display provides system status and diagnostic information
  • Solid State Overload protection eliminates the fuses and relays, once tripped a simple reset will allow the unit to function again
  • Historical data is stored on a board that is easily returned to the factory or dealer for download to a PC Environmentally Friendly
  • U.S. Coast Guard approved Type I Marine Sanitation Device for vessels up to 65 feet in length
  • Generates its own natural disinfectant from salt water
  • Coated electrodes use salt water to kill bacteria and viruses without the addition of harmful chemicals
  • Discharges with treatment levels that are safe for environmentally sensitive areas

Simple to Use

  • One-step activation with toilet switch or system status panel automatically activates toilet and treatment system
  • Eliminates the need for bulky holding tanks by treating with each flush
  • Can be used with two marine toilets in most installations