Octopus 600cc-min Reversing Gear Pump W-1-4"" Npt 12vdc

Octopus 600cc-min Reversing Gear Pump W-1-4"" Npt 12vdc

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Octopus 1000cc/min Reversing

Gear Pump w/1/4"" NPT 12vDC

Model: AFG0612
  • High Efficiency — Industry leading efficiency minimizes power consumption
  • Low Noise — New industry design offers significantly quieter operation
  • Light Weight & Compact — Small footprint offers greater installation flexibility
  • Wide Range Of Products — From 600 to 1600cc/min, 12v and 24v options

Industry Leading Efficiency — lower power consumption, particularly under demanding conditions requiring higher flow rates equates to a major advantage over competing units.

Cost Savings — the increased efficiency and performance means the pumps can be used with smaller autopilot course computers than equivalent drive units.

The smaller footprint of the compact gear pump increases installation flexibility.

Lower noise and vibration make the gear pump particularly suitable for sailboat installations.

Suitable for balanced or unbalanced cylinders.