Navpod Rmx4900-11 Railmount For Garmin Gpsmap 1042-1022

Navpod Rmx4900-11 Railmount For Garmin Gpsmap 1042-1022

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NAVPOD RMX4900-11 Railmount

Model: RMX4900-11
  • RailMount NavPod for Garmin GPSMAP 1042xsv/1022xsv/1022 (fits 1? or 1.25? tubing)

RailMount NavPods are best used for mounting of an autopilot control, sailing instrument, or small chartplotter onto an existing pedestal guard. Fits onto any 1" or 1.25" diameter tube. A Nickel Chrome-Plated Stainless Steel arm is used to mount a NavPod. The NavPod can rotate 180 degrees for easy viewing while sitting under the dodger on a rainy day. All wiring runs from the NavPod, down the center of the stainless steel arm, and into the pedestal guard. This application provides a clean and sturdy installation for electronics, without replacement of the pedestal guard.

RailMounts are designed for all popular standard size instruments as well as 7 and 9 inch chartplotters.

Structural Rigidity — The Gen3 enhancements now include a thicker gauge acrylic capped ABS material that improves strength and provides better structural rigidity. This thicker material allows for a larger waterproof seal. The better the structural rigidity, the less flexing when tightening and more uniform pressure on the seal. The excellent UV stability of the acrylic is combined with the durability of the ABS. The acrylic cap protects the ABS from UV and its potentially damaging effects on plastic.

Waterproof Seal — All RailMount NavPods are manufactured with a double gasket system providing an excellent watertight seal. This seal provides the best protection of your Marine Electronics. NavPods are made to withstand the harshest wet offshore boating conditions. Gen3 enhancements include a thicker external silicone gasket with improved flush fit. The internal Poron Microcell Polyurethane gasket is now 50% thicker and is not subject to "compression set" like many rubber compounds. This is important when you need to open the NavPod in the future in order to service your electronics. The gasket will continue to do its job.

Nickel Chrome-Plated Stainless Steel — We use all 316 stainless steel hardware that is supplied with each NavPod. Large round-head tamper-resistant screws have deeper sockets for the NavPod wrench for better holding ability when tightening than screws used on our Traditional Series NavPod. The Nickel Chrome-Plated Stainless Steel tamper-resistant screws provide security combined with a little style!


in 11.61
cm 29.5
in 14.25
Width 36.2
in 7.72
cm 19.6
Usable Face
Height 7.39
in 7.39
cm 18.8
in 12.36
cm 31.4
in 5.29
cm 13.4
Max Cutout
in 8.09
cm 20.5
in 13.26
cm 33.7
RMX Radius
in 2.75
cm 7.0
in 6.98
cm 17.7
View Angle 30