Maretron Blue Mid Cable 2m Male To Female Connector

Maretron Blue Mid Cable 2m Male To Female Connector

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Maretron Blue Mid 2 Meter Cable

Model: DM-DB1-DF-02.0
UPC: 873804001913
  • Rugged, IP68 rated connectors for continued connection integrity in marine environments
  • Various cable lengths to match installation requirements
  • Optimized for voltage drop sensitive networks (long runs) because power pair wires have half the resistance of Micro cable

Double-ended cordsets are used for trunk or drop lines and make for a secure connection and simple timesaving installation. The connectors are keyed for error-free connection and are waterproof for continued operation even while submerged in the bilge.

Contact Carrier Mat/Color Thermoplastic PUR/Blue
Molded Body Mat/Color Thermoplastic PUR/Blue
Contact Mat/Plating Brass/Gold
Coupling Nut Mat/Plating Brass/Nickel
Connector Outside Diameter 0.59 in
Current rating 4.0 Amps
Voltage rating1 250v
Outer Jacket Mat/Color PVC/Blue
Conductor Insulation Material PE (data pair), PVC (power pair)
Number of Conductors 2x16 (1.29mm) AWG,
2x20 (0.81mm) AWG,
20 (0.81mm) AWG Drain Wire
Shielding (3 Levels) Foil (Overall), Foil (Power Pair), Foil (Data Pair)
Protection class IEC IP68, NEMA 1,3,4,6P
Temperature rating -40°C to 80°C to (-40°F to 176°F)
(Cable) UL PLTC 75°C Sunlight Resistant E90625, AWM 80°C 300V
(Cable) CSA CMX-OUTDOOR-CMG LL54185 75°C, AWM I/II A/B 80C 300V FT4
NMEA NMEA 2000® Approved
IEC IEC 61162-3