Intellisteer Inttypeh Steering System For Hydraulic Steering

Intellisteer Inttypeh Steering System For Hydraulic Steering

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Intellisteer TYPE A Wireless Steering System For Boats with Hydraulic Steering

  • Connects to all common hydraulic steering systems
  • Adds wireless push button control to your hydraulic steering
  • Current 3-6A Typical, 15A Peak
  • Suitable for cylinders up to 10ci (166cc). Larger pumps available as an option
  • Easy DIY installation, no professional installer needed
  • Steer, fish and cruise from anywhere on the boat
  • Offers pass-through capability? for Autopilot motor and clutch control circuits
  • Additional Handheld and receiver can be paired in field
  • Waterproof
  • 12V DC nominal (9V min - 16V max operating range)

What if you could fish or cruise without having to continuously adjust your course from your main helm? What if you could do all this wirelessly, with no cables to get in the way?

Intellisteer boat remote steering offers a full range of products that are easy to install, easy on the wallet and make fishing and boating a whole lot easier and more fun

What's in the Box:
  • Wireless Control (meets FCC standards, auto shut-off, waterproof, over 1M control codes)
  • Rugged Octopus Hydraulic Pump
  • Easy to use installation kit