Intellian I3 Us System With Dish Mim-2 Dish Hd Receiver Wally

Intellian I3 Us System With Dish Mim-2 Dish Hd Receiver Wally

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Intellian i3 US System with 37cm (14.6 inch) Reflector & North Americas LNB (11.25GHz), DISH MIM-2 and Dish Wally receiver

Model: B4-309DNSB2
  • Smaller Size with Better Performance - Compact and lightweight form-factor antenna delivers high performance
  • iQ2: Quick&Quiet Technology - iQ,2 Technology allows you to tune in quickly, maintain a solid signal lock, and enjoy your favorite TV programming in quiet comfort when alongside or out at sea.
  • Works with All Providers - Compatible with leading Ku-band satellite TV service providers around the world.
  • Triple Sat Function - Auto satellite switching function for three satellites as used by Dish Network or Bell TV in North America for a seamless viewing experience.
  • 37 cm (15in) diameter parabolic antenna for reception of Ku-band satellite signals
  • Built-in HD module for Ku-band HD TV reception where available
  • Multiple receivers and TVs can be connected using a Multi-Switch or the Intellian MIM (Multi-Satellite Interface Module)
  • Using the MIM a master receiver can be selected to control the target satellite
  • In North America, when using Dish Network or Bell TV, a MIM is required, enabling automatic satellite switching from your remote control just like you do at home

The Intellian i3 provides superior tracking performance compared to antenna systems of a similar size. With its stylish dome, the i3 is ideal for boats over 8m (25ft). The i3’s high signal gain makes it the best performing 37cm (15in) antenna system available today and the built in GPS aids in initial satellite acquisition.

Radome Dimension 43 cm x 44 cm (16.9"" x 17.3"")
Antenna Weight 9 kg (19.8 lbs)
Elevation Range +10° to +80°
Auto Skew No
Reflector Diameter 37cm (14.56"")
Min EIRP 50 dBW
Polarization Linear or Circular
WorldView Capable No

What's in the Box:
  • i3 Antenna with North America LNB
  • DISH MIM 2
  • 15' RG6 Cable
  • 50' RG6 Cable
  • Wally receiver