Furuno Gp39 Waas Gps Receiver

Furuno Gp39 Waas Gps Receiver

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Furuno GP39 Color GPS/SBAS Receiver

Model: GP39
UPC: 611679364487
  • Newly designed GPS core delivers enhanced position fixing accuracy
  • Bright 4.2"" high-resolution color LCD (700cd)
  • Storage for 3,000 track points, 10,000 waypoints and 100 routes
  • SBAS capable for better positioning calculations
  • Share and display position information on networked equipment such as a Fish Finder, Sonar, Radar, etc.
  • NMEA0180 input port receives data from Fish Finder, Radar, etc.
  • 7 display modes available, including 2 user-customizable modes
  • Displays position data in Loran TD's
  • USB port for importing/exporting waypoints and routes; Upload/download data in GPX format for easy transfer to TZtouch/TZtouch2
  • ""Click-In"" hanger for easy mounting/dismounting and uses no knobs - also perfect for overhead mounts
  • Multi-language ready : English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Malay, Indonesian and Thai

The FURUNO GP39 GPS Navigator provides accurate and reliable position fixing, thanks to a 12-channel GPS receiver combined with integrated SBAS (WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS) technology. The GP39 has various display modes, including Plotter, Highway, Steering, NAV data, and Satellite monitor, as well as 2 user-customizable display modes, allowing you to select which data you want displayed on its 4.2"" color LCD. Up to 3,000 points of ship track, 10,000 waypoints and 100 routes (each with up to 30 waypoints) can be stored. The waypoint and route data can be exported/imported via a USB flash drive or signal converter.

The GP39 can be networked with a fish finder, sonar, radar or other navigation equipment for feeding highly accurate navigation data. The GP39 receives the TLL (Target Latitude/Longitude) sentence from networked fish finders or sonars and can display the received information, allowing you to easily mark fish school locations.

Size 4.2"" Color LCD
Resolution 480 x 272
Display mode Plotter, Highway, Steering, Nav Data, User display, Satellite monitor.
Memory capacity 3,000 ship's trac points
10,000 waypoints with comments
100 routes with 30 waypoints/route
Alarms Arrical and anchor watch, Cross track error, Speed, WAAS, Time, and Trip
Receiver type 12 Channel
Time to first fix Approx. 90 seconds cold start
GPS 10m (95% of time, HDOP ≤ 4)
WAAS 3m (95% of time, HDOP ≤ 4)
MSAS 7m (95% of time, HDOP ≤ 4)
Ports NMEA0183 1 port, USB 1 port
Input Voltage 12-24 vDC
Input Draw 0.7 - 0.3Amps

What's in the Box:
  • GP39
  • Grey Hard Cover
  • GPA017 Antenna
  • Power Cable
  • Fuse 1.5amp x 2
  • Tapping Screw x 4
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Operator's Guide