B&g V100 Vhf System

B&g V100 Vhf System

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B&G V100 Blackbox VHF Radio System

Model: 000-15644-001
  • Class D DSC approved VHF radio
  • Integrated GPS receiver
  • Connect up to 4 wireless and 4 wired handsets
  • Add an optional loudhailer and up to 4 external speakers
  • NMEA 0183® and NMEA 2000® connectivity
  • 60 second audio rewind
  • Configurable external speakers with volume offsetting
  • Handset backlight settings can be grouped with NMEA2000 backlight groups so MFD’s and VHF Radios can have backlight controlled together
  • Track Buddy — track up to 5 "buddies" using their VHF MMSI

Stay safer on the water with the B&G V100 VHF marine radio. With a possible 8 connected handsets (4 wired and 4 wireless) and 4 external speakers, stay connected from anywhere on board.

Includes NRS-1 VHF Blackbox module and one H100 wired handset and one SP100 speaker. Add up to 4 total wired handsets, 4 speakers and 4 wireless H60 handsets.

The V100 comes with 1 wired handset and 1 speaker, but you can add up to 4 more B&G H60 wireless and 3 more H100 wired handsets along with up to 3 additional external speakers, doubling your radio as an on-board intercom. Each wireless handset with inductive charging, duplicates your radio’s display and controls on a large, easy-to-read screen, viewable in all lights, with intuitive user interface. Access all key functions with channel scan and favourites, alphanumeric keypad, clear audio, handset station naming and 60 second audio rewind.

System Features Yes
Local/Distant control: Yes
Position polling: Yes
Group call: Yes
Call logs: Yes - 20 individual and 10 distress
Channel naming: Yes
Handset naming: Yes
Dual watch / Tri watch: Yes
Favourite channel scan: Yes
All scan: Yes
User programmable MMSI: Yes
User programmable ATIS ID: Yes
MMSI and NAME directory: Yes - 50 vessel contacts and 20 group contacts
Software updates: Yes, via NMEA 2000
Power supply: 12 V DC battery system
Nominal operating voltage: + 13.6 V DC
Low battery alert: 10.5 V DC +/- 0.5 V
Over voltage protection: > 15.8 V +/- 0.5 V
Current drain (transmit): ? 6 A @ 25 W / 1.5 A @ 1W (12 V DC)
Current drain: NRS-1 (standby, 1 FHS): Less than 400 mA in standby
Replacement fuse: 10 A, mini-blade type
Temperature range: -20 C to +55 C (-4 F to 131 F)
VHF antenna connector: SO-239 (50 ohm)
GPS antenna connector: SMA (female)
Wireless connector: RP-SMA (female)
Compass safe distance: 0.5 m (1.5’)
NMEA 0183 input NRS-1 / NRS-2: RMC, GGA, GLL, GNS
NMEA 0183 output NRS-1 / NRS-2: DSC, DSE, MOB, VDM
External Speaker output power: 4 W @ 4 ohm x 4 outputs
External speaker: 4 ohm, minimum 5
Hailer output power: 25W @ 4 ohm
Hailer speaker: 4 ohm, minimum 30 W
Waterproof: IPx5
Weight: 1.46 kg (3.2 lbs)
Usable channels (country specific): International, USA, Canada, Weather
Channel spacing: 25 KHz
Frequency stability: ± 5 ppm
Frequency control: PLL
DSC mode: Class D (Global) with dual receiver (individual CH70)
Transmitter Frequency range: 156.025 - 157.425 MHz
Output power: 25 W (23 ± 2) / 1 W (0.8 ± 0.2)
Transmitter protection: Open / short circuit of antenna
Wireless standard: 802.11 b/g/n20
Operating frequency: 2412~2472 MHz (for EU); 2412-2462 MHz (for US)
Tx Power (802.11 b - 11 Mbps): 9.77 dBm (Declaration for EU Compliance)

What's in the Box:
  • NRS-1 Marine VHF System Blackbox
  • SP100 Speaker