Astron Ss-30-ap Power Supply 110-220vac-12vdc 30a Converter

Astron Ss-30-ap Power Supply 110-220vac-12vdc 30a Converter

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Astron SS-30-AP Switchign Desktop Power Supply

Model: SS30-AP

The SS-30 model supports currents up to 25A avg and peak up to 30A ICS (*) peak max. It is ideally suited for use with 12/13.8 VDC communications equipment. Switching technology >82% efficient meets individual power loading requirements. Included is special filter circuitry especially suited for all communications frequencies and HF.

Several protection features are built-in. Included are output current limiting, overvoltage protection, internal fuse protection, and over temperature shutdown.

Integration is seamless with standard 12/13.8 VDC equipment. Front panel 'Anderson Power Pole'; terminals and rear panel screw-wire terminals are heavy duty. Connectors are easy accessible which ensures safe and reliable installation.

Input voltage 120 to 230 VAC, 50/60Hz (Nominal Automatic Wide-Range selected)
Output voltage 13.8 VDC (User manual adjustable ± 1 V)
2 USB ports: 5.2V, 1.5A per port
Output current 30A peak current - ICS Intermittent Communication Service 25 Amp Max Continuous
Temperature 0 to +50 C Operating, —20 to +85 C Storage 120 C max over-temperature setting
Humidity 5 to 90% RH Operating, 5 to 95% RH Storage (Non-condensing)
Dimensions 2 5/8 in H x 7 in W x 8 1/4in D